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Hello everyone! Is that time again! 


Sketch - $15 Ex:  SHEN - Beast Form by Takumy
Clean lines- $20 Ex: SCARS. by Takumy
Head shot CG - $25 Ex:  African Beauty by Takumy
Waist up CG - $35 Ex: COM 04-14: by Takumy
Full body CG - $50 Ex: 08-16 Commission by Takumy
With Weapon - $60  Ex:  43-16 Commission by Takumy
Chibi CG - $30 Ex: Ghibli Sticker set 2 by Takumy

A PAYPAL $5.00 USD Fee will be charged to your Invoice 

I will have the Freedom to choose the pose and to edit youe characters outfit, just to make it more my style. ^__^

Best Regards 
Hello Everyone! 

Give a warm welcome to a new DA Member and great young lady who is ready to start her DA art adventure.   :iconsoulyart: known this young lady since she was a child and now Im Happy to annouce that she loves Anime and Art , Oh! She cosplays too... Woot woot! ... So pass by her page, welcome her! And encourage her to keep up the good work! .. 

Much love! 

:new: Will be Accepting Male characters - It might take me longer but is about time to start drawing them.. :new:


Full body CG character - $55

Pose will be chosen by me and the freedom to edit the outfit a bit to make it more grand! 


Commission Stickers available - get 3 to 4 big stickers with your commission for an extra $20. (Free Shipping to US only)
When ready to Pay! Please send me a note with your Paypal Email so i can send you an Invoice.

Pledge $30 

Gold Rewards 

* Full Size Resolution Paper Fantasy Poster
Send via Email every 5th of the month.

* Paper Fantasy Color Me Lines 
Send via Email every 5th of the month.

* You can see and download any PSD templates 
(From making your own chibi to lips and eyes) and Tutorials.


Pledge $100 

Platinum Rewards

(1) Full size CG character Drawn of your choosing with minor Background. You will receive:

* JPG - sketch

* JPG - Clean Lines

* PDF - Clean Lines ( With transparent BG)

* JPG - Final Color Version.

* 3 Print Out Stickers of your character send via USPS. 

* Photoshop or Paint tool Sai Files of your commission with all layers included. 
(for you to change or play with)

* Full Size Resolution Paper Fantasy Poster
Send via Email every 5th of the month.

* Paper Fantasy Color Me Lines
Send via Email every 5th of the month.

* You can Download any PSD templates 
(From making your own chibi to lips and eyes) and Tutorials.

Please take note i'm only good at drawing Female characters TT__TT .. 
Until i get better at drawing guys.

:iconmegamanred: 17-16 Commission by Takumy  18-16 Commission by Takumy  momo commission by Takumy 
:iconfcneko: 20-16 commission - WIP by Takumy  :iconarts4him: 21-16 commission by Takumy  :iconxandimus:   22-16 Commission by Takumy
:iconthe-mrs-smith: 23-16 Commission by Takumy 
:iconmegamanred: 10-16 Commission by Takumy  :iconalexthegreater:

Mature Content

11-16 Commission by Takumy
   :iconblack-card: 12-16 Commission by Takumy    :iconfcneko: 13-16 Commission by Takumy 

:iconkekimia: 14-16 Commission by Takumy  WIP :iconlostaris: 15-16 Commisssion by Takumy   :iconthe-mrs-smith: 16-16 Commission by Takumy  

:iconviragora: 01-16 Commission by Takumy  :iconmonsterslayerbunny: 02-16 Commission by Takumy  :iconsheleth:

Mature Content

03-16 Commission by Takumy
:iconmegamanred: 04-16 Commission by Takumy :iconsweetintoxikation: 05-16 Commission by Takumy  :icondemonorangelgirl: 06-16 Commission by Takumy

:iconlethalpepsi: 07-16 Commission by Takumy  :iconarch-guardian-angel: 08-16 Commission by Takumy   :icondrirose: 09-16 Commission by Takumy

 :iconmegamanred: 22-15 Commission by Takumy :iconmonymay14: 23-15 Commission by Takumy  :iconthe-mrs-smith: 24-15 commission by Takumy 
 :iconmythka: 26-15 Commission by Takumy  :iconlostaris: 27-15 Commission by Takumy  

:new: Isabelle Aurora by Takumy
Hello Everyone ^_____^ .. I'm glad to announce that im a mom now! .. 
My baby girl arrived on Dec 1st. It was a very painful and long delivery but
she is so perfect and i love love love her so much!

So here she is " Takumy 2.0"  I wonder if she will draw like me!... 
Paper Fantasy 01 by Takumy

Do you guys buy sketchbooks? ... Not a book with sketches in them but for you to sketch instead! ...  Im thinking on making some! But i need your input first! ^__^
SketchBook Info
Full color cover
100 Sheets Bond 120 g
21 x14 CM size
String To keep it close

Will be opening 5 more slots for NOV. 
Full body CG character - $50

The lower price is for me to draw only female characters and choosing my own pose. Trust me! The more freedom I have of poses the better it will be! ^__^

:icongcgreengrass: 17-15 Commission by TakumyPAID
2. :iconmegamanred:  18-15 commission by Takumy  
3. :iconladydreammaker: 19-15 Commission by Takumy  PAID
4. :iconkavasiki: 20-15 Commission by Takumy  PAID
5. :iconlostaris:

Mature Content

21-15 commission by Takumy
Will be opening 5 more slots for OCT.
Full body CG character - $50

The lower price is for me to draw only female characters and choosing my own pose. Trust me! The more freedom I have of poses the better it will be! ^__^ 

1. :iconmegamanred: 12-15 Commission by Takumy PAID 
2. :iconmihoshik: 13-15  Commission by Takumy  PAID
3. :icondwwrider: 14-15 Commission by Takumy  PAID 
4. :icondwwrider: 15-15 Commission by Takumy    PAID 
5. :iconserge369: 16-15 Commission by Takumy  PAID  

Hello everyone! Sorry for being so absent during these past months.
Im opening commissions for female characters only! 

Why? Cause I'm not good at drawings guys and I really don't want to stress >___< , after my art block I really want to enjoy drawing again and stressing about it won't help me .

I will ill lower my prices for this to be allowed to draw only female characters and choosing my own pose. Trust me! The more freedom I have of poses the better it will be! ^__^ 

 5 slots of full size character. $50
you will receive sketch, lineart and full CG .

1. :iconmegamanred: PAID  08-15 Commission by Takumy

2. :iconcharvale: PAID 

Mature Content

07-15 Commission by Takumy

3. :iconasmodeus-grims: PAID 09-15 Commission by Takumy
4. :iconjoybuzzer: PAID   10-15 Commission by Takumy
5. :icondrirose: 11-15 Commission by Takumy  PAID

please note me for any questions or if you are interested. ^___^
So for the last 2 months i have been battling with horrible morning sickness!! Why call it that if it last all day every Day! ....

Never knew being pregnant sucked so much! 
As happy as i was to find out i was pregnant im not so happy about the symptoms ... WHY!  TT___TT OH WHY! So much pain!.
Not only i have to go thru a painful delivery in about 7 months from now but why do we have to vomit like 6 times a day,
horrible indigestion, bloating, metal taste in your mouth all day.  I mean! I cant ever drink water ... I just cant keep it down! 

I hate being pregnant and im not ashamed to admit it!  Now this does not mean i wont love my child and im sure i will forget 
all these horrible things i went thru once i see my little one in my arms but why so much suffering?  I told my husband i wont
go thru this again so he should be happy with one! .. lol... When i said this to some family members they called me selfish and
A sorry excuse of a woman! .. WOW! .. TT__TT .. Im sorry but i dont think women are only here to clean, cook and POP babies.  

I want to be more than that! ... Im not strong enough to go thru all this again and i dont want to! .. 

I think giving my all to this one child will be enough! and maybe!! Just maybe! in the future i will adopt a child instead! 

Sorry for venting out!! I know it has nothing to do with ART!  
I just wanted to be heard!

Hello everyone! 

I'm pretty sure some of you already know since you also follow me on facebook and instagram.   I have to apologize for my lack of art lately.  But! .. I have great news.  IM GOING TO HAVE A BABY! A chibi Takumy its on his/her way.  Of course it won't happen until 9 months but I'm so so happy I'm going to be a mommy this year.  

Is other note! 
All im missing is KLK Pluto.   Yay! And then I can start printing for the next convention ... June 25-28 miami beach florida Supercon.   Once I have them if you cannot go to Supercon or are no way near miami florida you can order them here as a set!  All posters are 11x17 in size cardstock paper.

For $120 shipping already included.

Set includes 

KLK moon
KLK mars
KLK mercury
KLK jupiter
KLK venus
KLK neptune
KLK uranus
KLK pluto
KLK Saturn 
KLK chibi usa
moon festival
Neptune/Uranus love

you can add for an extra $20 
Moon Princess
Mars Princess
Mercury Princess

You can pre-order now!
Just send me a note ^__~ 
I wish I could say thank you to all one by one!  ^__^ never knew so many peps here on da would take their time to congratulate me on my birthday.   so thank you all so so so Much!  All your wishes made my day so much better.   

And thank You all for your support and comments on my latest fanart work! ... Over 30,000 views 0____0. Got me by surprise.  

price Guide -   Commissions INFO by Takumy   

Write me a note of interested.   ^___^ 
What the heck is going on?  DA just took down my kill la kill scouts.. Because it was inappropriate?  They are not nude! And do they look under freaking 18?  In the manga and the animation they do grow up and have children.   I'm not even going to post them again. 

im tired of this fu@$ng site!  Im tired of these so called people who get jealous and are all muddy because they cannot draw a fu@$ng stick figure!  From now on I will be posting all my fanart in another site.   

I will be deleting all Fanart and will be posted in my patreon page .. (FREE). 

Sorry you won't be able to see the rest of the kill la kill scouts.. Blame DA for their absurd rules and the stupidity of whoever complained about it.. 


:new:   Just noticed that I have a lot of freaking drawings posted .. It has been more than 10 years I paid for two year membership TT__TT, It will take me forever to delete it all.  So what I will do instead is delete my fanart and posted at  
Is going to be Public so you don't have to pay.  Unless you want to ^__^.  

I will be notifying here when I have a fan art done for you to go and see.   A little extra work for me but atleast I won't go thru this again. 
I got sick the last past months and without. Job i didnt have insurance hens my bills when up to $5000 out of pocket spence .. I used my credit card to pay the hospital and doctor bills and yet no one can tell me what is wrong with me.  Signs.. TT__TT .  

Anyways! I need to pay my credit card and i need all the extra money i can get.  So i need your advice. 

Should I sell digital copies of my work?  Should I make a sticker chibi commission option?  What should i do with my art to earn the money to pay my credit card.   ^__^ 
Flat Rate Shipping $20 - US ONLY
International Shipping - Prices Vary.

:new:  Only two characters left.  ^__^ Give them a good home, stories, Names.  Draw them .. I would love to see it!

I have some character i would love to see them go to good homes .. I wish for them to have stories, names to be given life.  Here are the character adoptions, this means the character belongs to who ever buys them.  The only right i have is to the image but the character will belong to the new owner.  

PRICE $45 each 

Messenger (CLOSED) by Takumy

OH! Deer! by Takumy


G::U::M::I::H::O by Takumy  ADOPTED BY  :icondreamsanubis:

Dream Collector (CLOSED) by Takumy  Demon Mina Hasegawa by Takumy 
  ADOPTED BY  :iconmononoke-phaux:

F:L:O:W:E:R by Takumy 
ADOPTED BY  :iconcrysita: